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Noble Park Primary School is a school that reaches out to its community and endeavours to include students and families in the life of the school. Being just a school is not enough these days, so, while our immediate focus is on learning, we believe that we need to have a community focus to ensure that we are maximising all available resources to improve the education for our children. To that end, we have partnerships with local schools, businesses, service organisations and Monash University.

Professional learning, upgrading their skills in the delivery of inclusive curriculum, understanding advances in technology and developing innovative practices in the mainstream curriculum areas. There is a strong belief in developing the potential of the students in keeping with our four key values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, PLAYFULNESS and OPTIMISM. All our interactions at the school are characterised by these values!

The school provides excellent opportunities for students to improve and extend their English and Mathematical skills, develop an understanding of the world around them and learn how they can actively contribute to the community and care for the environment. We focus on the developmental curriculum where the program is personalised to ensure that every child is learning according to her or his individual needs, so the learning is always challenging and engaging. In the early years this involves play based learning where the teachers develop rigorous learning intentions based on the children’s readiness and in the later primary years the children focus on project based work which reflects their personal interests. At all times the learning is explicit to ensure children are moving forward at a developmentally appropriate pace.

The school also provides top quality access to learning with technology and programs in the Performing and Visual Arts and Sport that allow students to discover and develop a range of talents.

I look forward to further developing a culture where striving for achievement is valued and celebrated. Most importantly, Noble Park Primary School is a school where students look forward to arriving every day! Our wonderful new learning spaces and continually developing surrounding diverse environments, incorporating our kitchen garden program and award winning outdoor spaces which are recognised on a national and international level are a further incentive for students to explore all aspects of learning.

I welcome the opportunity to receive visits from families, to explain why Noble Park Primary School may be the right school for your child.


David Rothstadt

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