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Did you know that in China chopsticks are traditionally used instead of knives and forks to pick up food? In Northern China noodles are commonly eaten while rice is commonly eaten in the South.


Did you know it is okay to eat small amounts of desserts and sweets? It is recommended that sugar should be about 5% of your daily diet.Try cooking these Dessert cuisines at home!


Did you know the capital, Paris, is the city of love? France is popular for pastry and cheese dishes. Try cooking these French cuisines at home!


Did you know that the oldest olive trees known grows on the Greek island of Crete? Greek people traditionally use olives in many different ways in their food, using the fruit, the oil and the leaf. Try cooking these Greek cuisines at home!


Did you know that India is known as the ‘land of spices’? Indian food has flavour influences from its Portuguese colonisers. Try cooking these Indian cuisines at home!


Did you know that it is not common to eat rice for all three meals a day in Japan? Japan is well known for dishes that consist of rice, fish and soy products. Try cooking these Japanese cuisines at home!

Middle Eastern

Did you know that eggplant is the most consumed vegetable in the Middle East? Middle Eastern people commonly eat a lot of hummus, along with fresh vegetables and pita bread.  Try cooking these Middle Eastern cuisines at home!

Sri Lankan

Did you know that in Sri Lanka people make fruits into a curry? Sri Lankan food is well known for its thick coconut based curries and spicy flavour.  Try cooking these Sri Lankan cuisines at home!

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