Disability Inclusion

Noble Park Primary School is excited to introduce Disability Inclusion, a new approach to help us improve support for students with disability and build a more inclusive school for all our students. Inclusive schools have better outcomes in learning, engagement and wellbeing for all students.


Disability Inclusion will help our school better understand what our students need to help them learn, through:

  • a new funding model with more investment
  • a new strength-based process called the Disability Inclusion Profile to help identify the student’s needs and required adjustments
  • more training and coaching for teachers and school staff about the best ways to support student learning.

A new funding model with more investment

The new funding model provides additional investment that our school can use to support many students including those with autism, learning difficulties and more.


This additional investment will provide more support for students with disability, including students who haven’t been eligible for individual funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) in the past.

Our school can use this funding for a range of activities including:

  • more training and professional development for teachers and school staff
  • getting expert advice about disability
  • hiring teachers or other staff to help plan and deliver changes for students
  • equipment and resources to support learning.

The Disability Inclusion Profile

The Disability Inclusion Profile will help us find out more about a students strengths and needs. It will inform personalised funding allocations, help us plan student learning and any changes a student may need to better learn. The new Disability Inclusion Profile process will replace the Educational Needs Questionnaire used as a part of the current Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD). As we transition over the next three years, families of students who are part of the PSD will be asked to attend a meeting to complete a Disability Inclusion Profile.


People who know a student well will be involved in the meeting along with an independent, trained facilitator who will help our school and families complete the profile. If a student is part of the PSD, we will work with parents and carers to find the most suitable time to complete their profile. The profile will also be available to a broad group of students with high needs.


We will identify students who are not currently part of the PSD, who may benefit from a Disability Inclusion Profile. If we consider that a students education will benefit from having a profile, we will contact the students family. 

More training and coaching for teachers and school staff

Disability Inclusion will give more teachers and support staff a better understanding of disability and how to respond. This could include access to:

  • more professionals in schools who are experts in disability
  • coaching
  • professional learning
  • evidence-based guidance and resources

More information

Visit Disability Inclusion: a new approach for students with disability | vic.gov.au (www.vic.gov.au) to find out more about Disability Inclusion. If you would like to talk about your child’s needs at school, or if you need translation or interpreting assistance, please contact the front office to make an appointment with our Disability Inclusion Leader -  Samantha Schrader 



How has  Noble Park Primary School prepared for the Disability Inclusion Rollout in June 2024?


In preparation for the Disability Inclusion roll out in June 2024, a Disability Inclusion Profile practice meeting was implemented at Noble Park Primary School.  With the support of a Disability Inclusion Facilitator, teachers and education support staff reviewed the Functional Domains Table and the relevant adjustments so that students can access learning opportunities aligned to all domains.


At Noble Park Primary School, a variety of Tier 1 and Tier 2 adjustments are avaliable to students. These include, the Tutor Learning Initiative, the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Framework, the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships program, Individual Education Plans and Social Skills Programs.